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Visual Designer They pioneered production techniques and stylistic devices used throughout the twentieth century. The following years saw graphic design in the modern style gain widespread acceptance and application. The post World War II American economy revealed a greater need for graphic design, mainly in advertising and packaging. The spread of the German Bauhaus school of design to Chicago in 1937 brought a "mass produced" minimalism to America; sparking "modern" architecture and design. Notable names in mid century modern design include Adrian Frutiger, designer of the typefaces Univers and Frutiger; Paul Rand, who took the principles of the Bauhaus and applied them to popular advertising and logo design, helping to create a uniquely American approach to European minimalism while becoming one of the principal pioneers of the subset of graphic design known as corporate identity; Alex Steinweiss, credited with the invention of the album cover; and Josef Müller Brockmann, who designed posters in a severe yet accessible manner typical of the 1950s and 1970s era. The professional graphic design industry grew in parallel with consumerism.

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This raised concerns and criticisms, notably from within the graphic design community with the First Things First manifesto.

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    The paper was four pages long having ads on at least 20% 30% of the total paper, pages one and four the hot news was located on the inside.

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    There's a good chance that you'll already be familiar with some of the information on this site but I'm confident that you'll find a lot of new material as well.

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    Each print is an original, technically known as an impression.

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